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PROJECTS is a the mulit-media production studio for iCureCancer.  After all once you heal yourself you are set to help teach others and the best way is online communications.  
Are you interested in being a part of the solution join us and let us know your skills.  We are a film company that makes movies and video's to benefit human kind and mother gaia.
iCureCancer2 is still being shot.


I started shooting this not long after part 1 came out in NY 2006.  I was never able to raise any funding so had to basically do youtube interviews and on occasion if I was lucky to be in same area as the person I could use a good camera with proper lighting etc... but I'm not worried about being pretty in my work.  Just thorough.  

Space Cadet


It's statistically impossible for humans to be alone in the universe.  So look in the mirror to all my friends that have called me a Space Cadet.  Who shunned and made fun of me for believing we are not only not alone but just one of so many words fail me.  It's okay the same kind of friends laughed when I said cancer was curable if you stayed away from your oncologist.  So after i make Space Cadet like iCureCancer you will comprehend God/Source expresses itself in many aspects and beings.  

iCureCancer  -  Documentary

Watch the whole film here.  Please donate if you enjoyed at least a rental fee.  Cheers!

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