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Cancer Coaching

You are only as good as your cornerman.
Be Champion

You can be one too.  The best compliment I got while fighting was from my cornerman Harold Diamond while defending my NA title.  It was first time he had worked with me and was blown away at my ability to listen to him while I was fighting.  I was able to execute his calls almost simultaneously.  I need that from you.  You will die if you don't follow instructions not just lose a boxing match.  You goal now is to balance your pH to 7.4.  And detox, boost immune system etc...  Also to know what kind of cancer you are dealing with.  If it's pathogenic like Leukemia I'd be using MMS.  Miracle Mineral Solution by Jim Humble.  Ready to start training?  Let's set up a program for you with Dr. Bernardo's protocol including diet and supplements.  I'll be your coach.  And we have my 15,000 facebook friends to ask anything we can't figure out.

Ian Jacklin

iCureCancer - The Book


This includes Dr. Bernardo's protocol with supplements and diet.  $35 pdf avail now.  Hard Cover and Paper back soon.  Click here to buy.

I've included many interviews I've had over the years.​

iCureCancer - The Film


Own the dvd for your collection  $35 click here


Dear Ian ... I truly believe Dr. B's protocol, and everything else you've so generously taught me over these past several years, immensely helped improve my Dad's quality life during his last 4-5 years. You've always been such a good listener (not to take advantage of that in any way). Just know you have been, and still are, appreciated. I believe Divine Intervention brings people into our lives at just the right time ... 

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